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Moss filled Decorative Star

Now, I’m no expert and the only floristry experience I have is remembered from my 15/16 year old self from my Saturday job in a local florists! But hey, I will give anything a go. There are probably easier ways or perhaps more technical or precise but here’s how I did it! If you’re as clueless as me, I hope this may help a little!

Step 1

Decorative Star and wire cutters

You’ll need one of our rusty Decorative Stars or similar. Collect some basic equipment - a piece of chicken wire big enough to cover the star, some form of wire cutters, floristry wire and some moss.

Step 2

Place your chicken wire over the back of the star, push down slightly to mould into the shape of the inside of the star. Start cutting around the edge of the star discarding the off cuts. Gardening gloves will help protect your hands from scratches at this point! 

Decorative star with chicken wire

Grab your floristry wire, cut some long lengths off, secure to the edge of the frame and begin to wrap around the edge of the frame, looping in parts of the chicken wire in order to secure it to the star. Don’t pull the chicken wire taught - you want it to still be close to the inside of the star, retaining the shape of the inner part of the star. You don’t want it to create a huge gap between the star and the chicken wire as this would take an absolute mountain of moss to fill! 
Continue until you have secured each edge of the chicken wire to the star. Bend in any sharpe edges.

Step 3

Decorative Star starting to take shape with moss

Now the really fun part, or so I thought anyway! Gather your moss. I foraged mine from a lovely friends conifers, but you can buy it. 
Take small chunks and start stuffing it into the gaps between the rusty metal scroll design and the chicken wire behind, pushing gently so as not to bend the chicken wire too far back. 

Foraged moss

Step 4

Continue to insert the moss into the gaps until you have covered the whole star and can no longer see the chicken wire.

Step 5

Fairy lights on moss filled star

Once totally covered, if you’d like you can wrap some fairy lights around your star, battery powered for indoor, solar powered for outdoor/garden. If placed in a covered area or indoor, make sure you lightly mist with water every few days to keep your moss moist. 

And that’s it! Simple.

I’d love to see what you have done with your Decorative Star from Flora & Co, or if you’ve had any other amazing ideas do get in touch and show us!